About Us


Established in 2014, From a truly worldwide perspective, we source products in the main production areas of Japan, Korea, Norway, American, Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia. 

Our main product groups are poultry, beef, frozen fish, fresh fish, Seafood, vegetables, Cheese, dry food, sushi rice. 

We deliver our services and products to our customers in the following food sectors: foodservice distributors and serving retailers (frozen retailer shops Japanese cuisine catering, Korean restaurants, hotels, Chinese restaurants, cafes, steamboat restaurants, online shopping sellers etc.)


The Featured Services

From packing to delivery , we help to fullfill customer needs across all media, and platforms.

Our Mission

Fudo trading mission is to provide the highest standard of products and delivery, with outstanding quality and great service at a reasonable and affordable cost to our customers and clients

Our Vision

FUDO trading vision is to be the first choice of wholesale company in the customer mind.